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Engineering and Design services:

Our experience and capabilities for power delivery systems encompass overhead and underground lines and open-air and gas-insulated substations, distribution networks, and transmission system communication facilities. We provide engineering and design services for new installations and for modifications to existing facilities. Our experience includes all types of electric utility and industrial installations and design of transmission system interconnections for Independent Power Projects.

For EPC and Design/Build projects, we merge our industry-leading engineering expertise with the resources of highly qualified construction contractors and others specialty services firms to provide complete EPC and design/build services for all types of power delivery projects.

Overhead and Underground Transmission Lines - Megatech offers complete project services for transmission lines in all voltage classes - in projects ranging from a few miles of line to entire systems. We have the resources - in professional staff and technology - to apply to every challenge facing overhead or underground transmission. Services include line routing, structure and foundation design and analysis, optimized structure spotting, lightning performance analysis, upgrading evaluation and design, and preparation of material and construction specifications.

Substations & Switchyards - Our expertise extends to all types of substations, both air and gas insulated. We design transmission and distribution substations and switchyards for electric utility and industrial installations from 2.3 kV to 765 kV. Our in-depth experience includes sitting studies, physical design, grading and drainage, foundation design, layout and design of control buildings, structure design and analysis, protection and control systems, and preparation of complete specifications for material, equipment and construction.

Distribution Systems - We provide solutions for distribution systems, including system studies, outage analysis, underground cable design, and layout of overhead lines.

Communication Systems - Our services include analysis, design and specification of SCADA, microwave, fiber optic networks and PCS telecommunication systems.

Drawing/CAD Services - In addition to development of complete construction drawings for projects for which we perform engineering, we also provide services for scanning and conversion of hard-copy drawings to electronic media, as-built drawing revisions, and other drafting services.

Failure Analysis - We bring in-depth knowledge of transmission and substation components to forensic engineering assignments. We have analyzed failures of all types of structures and developed recommendations for design modifications.

Project Management - We perform complete project management services, including development of project plans, development and maintenance of integrated project schedules, development and monitoring of man-hour and cost budgets, coordination of multi-discipline and multi-organization project teams, and reporting of status to project stakeholders.

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