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Megatech GNBD Dhaka has the ability to GPS facilities and landmarks with accuracy in order to acquire an intelligent geographic land-base and effectively build your GIS system, the integrity of the data collected in the field must be reliable. Megatech Facilities Management Division provides an array of services from setting up data dictionaries to full GPS data collection and inventory. Megatech Facilities Management field crews are equipped with the latest in GPS technology.

Each point collected in the field by Megatech Facilities Management personnel has associated attribute data assigned from the GPS data dictionary which allows each point and line feature to be imported directly into your GIS system to correspond with your existing symbology. Upon conversion, each point is translated to both GIS and relational data to begin the digitization and modeling stages.

Our company utilizes industry leading professional technology from Autodesk, and ESRI to develop GIS solutions in the most efficient and accurate means possible. We specialize in converting archived paper maps and documents to digital data sets, both preserving and increasing the accessibility of such data. Our principle method of converting ownership parcels is coordinate geometry (COGO). We believe this method is the most accurate and cost effective.

We work as a team with our clients to assess and identify needs, establish goals, create and collect data, provide training, develop custom applications, and provide the on-going service to guarantee our client's satisfaction. We take pride in providing complete GIS solutions that are both innovative and cost effective. If you are considering outsourcing parcel data conversion, contact Megatech, our conversion rates are very affordable.

Digital mapping for whole Bangladesh including 20 cm resolution Aerial photograph


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